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Best Practices for Period Care

Take control of your health today

This loss is harming generations.

Knowing how our bodies work and how to care for their cyclical needs is our birthright. You have a right to know what your body is asking of you and how to answer that call.

The part that makes my heart ache is that most of us grew up being taught virtually nothing about our bodies. 

Pads and tampons passed through the bathroom door when our bleed began. The shame that we are bleeding. The pain and period problems that arose and birth control pills being offered as our only “solution” to these debilitating problems.

Ancient Modalities For

A Modern World

Women are struggling. Period problems, fertility challenges, young ladies starting periods too early and transition troubles are at an all time high.

Why is this?

Women's wisdom has been lost. The “how to” guidebook for how to care for our cyclical bodies that used to be passed from mother to daughter faded into the background in favor of the rise of Western allopathic care.

Enough is enough.

You deserve to know how your body works.

You deserve to understand the language it is lovingly trying to communicate with you in.

You deserve to feel like the sovereign queen you are in your body.

Let’s get started and reclaim your power.

Your Journey Begins Today

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Meet Adrienne

As a woman who has struggled with endometriosis, a heart attack on birth control, recurrent miscarriages, secondary infertility challenges and all the medical tests and procedures to accompany them - I am all too familiar with the challenges of being a woman in our current healthcare model.

I was asking questions my doctors couldn’t answer for me - so I went in search of my own.

I knew if I was asking the questions I was asking - other women were too. Other women were suffering with the same physical and emotional heartache as I was. I was overcome with the desire to stop the suffering.

My life’s work has become stepping into the spaces where women are suffering with a lack of care and information about their bodies.


I am passionate about women’s health and helping women to live their best lives. It’s more than just a “tagline” - it's my heart’s song. I started the Reproductive Rebel podcast to be the voice in the conversation that no one was hearing.

There is a better way. Birth control isn’t the only “solution” for all your cycle related challenges. Join me for the conversation.

All the ways you can work with me...

Interactive Education

Group Wisdom Experience

Reclaim your sovereignty and develop a more intimate relationship with your body and your health by learning about your body’s needs and how to proactively support it.

Practitioner Education

Become the change you want to see

Are you feeling called to step into a holistic healing profession? Whether you are feeling resonance with sound therapy or you want to be a leader in this movement of shifting the narrative around women’s health- you will find what you seek here.

Community Connection

Be part of a community of

like-minded souls

Women thrive in community. Historically we raised our children in villages with the support of others who faced similar struggles.

In a modern world of globalization- this beautiful support system has been lost, along with the importance of human connection.

Body Wisdom is a beautiful alchemy of education and sisterhood. Learn the information that is your birthright, share your experiences, grow and heal alongside women facing similar challenges.

1:1 Care and Support

Take a more personalized approach

to your healing journey

If you feel you would be best served in a more personalized approach - I am here to help. Your 1:1 support will pull from my entire toolkit.

Whether you are interested in pelvic steaming, Acutonics® sound therapy, Chinese nutritional therapy or herbal support, I have the tools to meet you where you are in your journey to support your healing and reach your goals.

We'll discuss your needs and what we can offer to help you achieve your health goals


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