Meet Our


Adrienne Irizarry, HWH

Founder, CEO

Adrienne Irizarry, is a Holistic Women’s Health Practitioner using non-invasive approaches to restoring harmony and health in women’s bodies. Using her experience as a pelvic steaming practitioner, Certified Acutonics® Practitioner, herbalist and Chinese nutritional therapist, Adrienne’s mission is to empower women to heal their bodies naturally.

Featured in the Top 10 Health Industry Disruptor for 2023 in Apple News and Grit Daily News, you are in good hands and will be learning from a leading reproductive rebel.

Adrienne invites you to join her in the movement to change women’s health - one uterus at a time.

Amber Johnson, HWH

Team Member

Amber, currently located in Cañon City, Colorado, began her journey as an Integrative Massage Therapist after her graduation from New Hampshire Institute of Therapeutic Arts in 2021. Her enthusiasm for learning more about holistic women’s health brought her to Moon Essence®.

From there started working directly with founder, Adrienne Irizarry, to better understand her body and menstrual cycle. This 1:1 work ignited her passion for helping women and ultimately led to her graduation from the Holistic Women's Health Practitioner program in June 2024.

"I've always enjoyed helping people and am so passionate about teaching others how they can help themselves. I look forward to changing women’s lives, the way Adrienne has helped me and so many others.”

We are so excited to have Amber as a part of the team!

Allycia Kimball

Team Member

Allycia is a passionate advocate for alternative wellness. She is a sound healer and uses Acutonics® in her work with clients. Her gentle energy will leave you feeling relaxed and rebalanced after every session.

She is also a photographer with experience photographing births, newborns etc. at AarkVisions.

We are so blessed to have this amazing practitioner joining the team and expanding the availability of Acutonics for you!

Kiersten Carr

Office Manager

Kiersten keeps everything spinning here at Moon Essence®. She is the tech guru behind the website, the virtual course offerings and all the services you enjoy from the practice.

Kiersten keeps us all organized from logistics to billing. We are so fortunate to have her years of experience and expertise as an executive assistant for a multi million dollar company working for us.